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Directions by Road

Safety Briefing for Arriving by Car

Your safety and that of all those attending the fly-in is of paramount importance to the Suffolk Coastal Strut, we therefore ask you to follow this simple brief which is intended to maintain a safe separation between you and ‘live’ aircraft.

  • Access to the airstrip is via the ‘Memorial’ gate in Park Lane, Langham; as shown in the map.
  • The gate is not secured but should be closed; you will need to open and then close after driving through.

  • Only drive on the ’hard’ concrete perimeter road which is on the east side of the grass runway area.

  • Switch on your ‘hazard’ flashers and drive up the road towards the tents at no more than 20mph.

  • NB: You must slow down or stop if signalled to do so by anyone wearing a hi viz jacket (orange for aircraft Marshallers, yellow for Strut officials) – ‘slow-down’ is indicated by the individual raising and lowering their arms with hands held horizontal and palms down; ‘stop’ is indicated by the individual holding their arms up high and then crossing them.

  • Once you reach anything that obstructs the perimeter roadway (e.g. parked aircraft/gazebo etc.), stop and wait to be directed (do not drive onto the grass until told to do so) you will remain under the instruction of Marshallers/Strut officials until you reach the parking area.

  • After parking you must report to the event control (designated by a large black C on a yellow board) to receive a safety briefing.

  • When leaving the event (if leaving before flying has finished) you must report to the control to ensure you obtain appropriate support and direction for you departure, you will be tracing your entry route back down the concrete perimeter track to the memorial gate (remembering to activate your ‘hazard’ flashers and follow any instructions from Marshallers or Strut officials).
We hope you enjoy your visit to our fly-in

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